Sunday, April 12, 2009

Armstrong Date

VLB left a comment that the ARMSTRONG DATE most recently published was Apr 19 for a turn, whereas both my Breadth and price indicators [ $VLE & $WLSH ] gave Fibonacci Date Highs for April 20, so I know I gotta do a better job of calendaring dates.

Anyone care to share where they last saw an ARMSTRONG Forecast Date ?

I expect the OVERBOUGHT condition to linger on this week,and finally fall out of orbit as this week wears on. That said, dont forget to set either your TRAIL STOPS or your LIMIT SELL orders where you want them. I really dont see where exactly this market will come to rest yet, but I'd say look at previous lows, and then also prepare yourself by looking for Range & Momentum shifts in the data your most familar with.
My breadth data says from Jan forward the breadth plateau has shifted upwards on a bottom basis perhaps 10-20%. Given that price and breadth roll differently it does not YET translate into the next bottom being 10-20% higher than the last one, but does not prohibit it either. Follow the MACD on the measures you use most frequently to get a picture of the trend. If the Weekly MACD doesnt show it, drop back to Daily MACD. If that doesnt work, look to the Hourly for hints, and should that fail, try using the TRIX, usually the daily. Hints and clues abound but you have to both look for them and interpret them.

Good Luck All


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