Monday, February 2, 2009

TOM PETTY was RIGHT, "Waiting is the hardest Part " !!

and lest its got you all out of position, this waiting is no doubt KILLING YOU. ! ! ! THE SUSPENSE. GOLD is UP, MARKET is DOWN, now its UP, now GOLD is DOWN, crazy-making.

It will be the BRADLEY TURN DATES that come to my mind, and make me think we got from the END of this week, to the END of next week to see Decisive Resolution to these moves.

I am looking for extreme positions, oversold or overbought [depending on the item] and looking for imminent Trend Reversal, in and around those dates and that date window. So to take it step by step, I will be looking for my OverSold / OverBought Indicators to be in extreme positions, and for their respective [ ITEM ] MACD's to be flattening, and losing their previous momentum [ up or down ], and that about the time of the Bradley Turn Date of 2 / 8-9, maybe using next week as our window, to see turns in stuff like the GDX, HUI, XAU [ up is my guess ] and the $WLSH and $VLE, [ again, UP being my guess ]. To investigate this, I will be looking at the Breadth and the Breadth Trend & Momentum Models.

This GroundHog's Day, I am thinking I will be writing the DGS LETTER with an eye to REVERSALS. Right now, IMO, some of those "HARD - TO - BUY - STOCKS " are a little easier to buy, be vigilant and determine if and where you want to get in. !!


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