Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEW ITEM on Sidebar

Frequently in the DGS Letter I refer to support levels, and ACQUISITION ZONES.

Today I installed at the top of the SIDEBAR section, a box for STOCKCONSULTANT.

You may enter up to 10 different symbols, and you will get 5 pages of technical data on that symbol.

The page I find useful is page 4, and it does a good job of listing various SUPPORT areas.
It also lists RESISTANCE areas, which again, for your basic robot, does a good job.

That it wont give you an upside target calculation is probably NOT of immediate concern to anyone as the SUPPORT and RESISTANCE info it yields is probably the most useful item they have.
It will give individual site visitors here 10 free symbols which will give you a look at their support and resistance levels, which IMO, is helpful. The up and downside objectives are based on the support and resistance levels, so you can make up your own Scientific Wild Guess as to where the objectives, upside and down, might be. I subscribe to some of their services as it helps me scan some sectors, but that is neither a recommendation or a condemnation.



I arrive at my SUPPORT LEVELS a little differently than Stock Consultant, but the results are similar, so that readers wanting to peek in a bit deeper, can at their leisure. ENJOY

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