Saturday, January 17, 2009

With the DGS Letter doing projections, now

We can do a little exploring without muddying the waters too much.

First Things First: Date, Time, Price and Volume Cycles being what they are, it was interesting to see a Mini-Panic this week as the last breakdown before a RALLY.
Given the Fibonacci Cycles and the fact that Markets are closed on MLK Day in the States, Friday was a nice day to have bought. Obama will be inaugurated on the 20th, and TIMING CURVES such as shown on the DGS LETTER should be watched. Also the Linked TREND CHARTS here use the MACD's below the price chart as their TIMING CURVES. I could call a bottom but what would I be doing but telling the Market what it is going to do ? That seems to be putting the Cart before the HORSE, IMO. What I can say is that of the 20 Odd stocks that we follow, about 10 of them have moved into support ranges, and several have merely paused, and then marched on, leaving less than 10 to hit their Support targets. Some are late, some are early, but they are, IMO, bottoming.

Later today I will be putting out my DGS Letter Supplement, covering Issues we have ACQUIRED, Issues Disposed, and A section focusing on Canadian & Dually traded Issues. I have published the EXCLUSIVE VIRAL 1.1 Date Window, Direction and Momentum on the back page of the Jan 14 DGS Letter, which basically defines an easily seen window for $HUI [ HUI ] and hence GOLD Movement. Originally it was tagged to $XAU [ XAU ], but both of those and GDX / GDM are just as applicable.

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Stay Vigilant, Keep some dry powder, and monitor your MACD Momentum turns. You will find that the Momentum Turns defined by the MACD are a lot more reliable than some one dictating to the markets when and where they will turn.


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