Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to my Night Mare, thank you for sharing

my dementia. [ That line courtesy of Jason Alexander, ala Seinfeld]

Is the sky falling in Canada today, re: crazy coalition cabal? Will the US Congress "get a grip" and reform the Auto Industry ? Notice I DID NOT Say "BAILOUT"?

Yes its a Rip Tide and investors are swimmming hither, thither and yon, trying to find a course to safety. Oh yes those guys, sceaming raucously, bloody blue murder, yeah they are about to hit the rocks in the dingy, they the TALKING HEADS. ! !

The questions are: 1/ WHO is really on FIRST ;, and once you decide that

3/ Last Question: Anyone find a FALLING WEDGE Here ?

4th - this is a "fill in the blanks" chart, feel free to write on your copies !!

To answer the first two questions you must have your head screwed on straight and be as grounded and centered as possible even if swimming. To answer the Third, you might want X-Ray vision.

Knowing FORCE in the background of this chart represents the Emotional Intensity
that is operating in The Market for the WILSHIRE 5000, the 5000 most representative capitalization stocks in the USA market Universe, you could conclude that most of the
participants are operating less and less on emotions as this Stealth Rally ensues.
Further it is instructive to note the lack of a further breakdown in the $WLSH.
Is that what the palaver from the TALKING HEADS would have you believing ? Probably not, they are still stampeding straight off the cliff or about to hit the rocks and die, according to their screams. !!! So now we know a BULL is on first.

The question will be later answered as to the BULL's qualifications, as the rally unfolds. Yes it is a rally. Be mindful that when you stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, even the ABSENCE of PAIN feels like PLEASURE. Knowing that be aware that the technicals can at times respond to the lifting of selling pressure.
BUT when selling pressure abates, well you fill in the blanks.............

Now DO YOU FEEL LUCKY TODAY ? You might want to check the links, as I add and remove lists as often as I post, because THINGS CHANGE. I can say that some of the people who own some of issues on certain of these lists FEEL LUCKY. I do this much, now you DYODD & DYODD. There are NO Magic Bullets, so if you do it WRONG, it will HURT ! ! !

Ya'll have fun and fight nice now,


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