Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is this how it gets good ?

Excuse the switched subject and verb, but is this how "The Rally" will proceed ?,hl,UFI,DHT,FHC,SUF,RSI/UN.TO,GLT,$VLE,$WLSH|B|A12,26,9

"YES Virginia, some investors will exit this rally with profits ! "

" YES Virginia, it IS a Bear Market Rally ! ! ! " But that doesnt mean the

Bear gets to eat you this time. Or any time. IF you think on your feet, command
from the saddle, all while keeping your wits about you. Remember the "warm fuzzy"
feelings we all used to get in the middle of those sweet, sweet, "Buy & Hold" market trends ? RIGHT NOW, if your stomach is not queasy holding the above stocks,
you shouldnt be in this market IMO. Am I too cynical, thinking, your too trusting?

Those warm fuzzy feelings should be the trigger to your gut response to SELL ! !
You see, it isnt safe anymore to buy and hold, if you want to maintain your actual
buying power, rather than nominal dollar totals. The reality is that if this is not your business where you coldly calculate the value of any given stock, you will have unrequited love. These suckers will break your heart, and your wallet. Its the same old story over and over again. The names of the players may change, but the
GAME is Still the SAME !

My Loyalty to Objectivity will remain my constant, my pole star. You will notice that issues pass thru my links as quickly if they were dirty socks. The rule is simple, perform or be selected out. Your job, if you choose to use my screening out and inclusion of issues [ which my Associates and I may or may not have long, short or derivative postions in ], is to DYODD & DYOHW to find issues you like, and to develop selection and timing techniques that will allow you to remove profits from this rally and other market moves of this size and nature. Basically it comes down to, it doesnt so much matter what happens to you, its what you do about it that effects the outcome for or against you.

Good Luck to All,


Some chars as food for thought !,Q.TO,AGI.TO,MIG,HQS,PIF/UN.TO,SNG,cia|B|A12,26,9

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