Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fear Mongering, Panic Pandering. ENUF Already !

Seems to me you cant open your E-mail, your snail-mail, the TV without someone freaking out about how BAD things are. This, that, and the other. FEAR, INDECISION, buy my service, do what I say, The Sky is Falling, oh Chicken Little The Sky is Falling.

Maybe its time to simply figure out what sectors are falling and rising and find a way to time the Intermediate Trend rather than just listening to all this noise.

Much, much of what I used to read is simply noise, as the Gathering of Guru's specialize in cancelling each other out, and its all sound and fury signifiying nothing.

Below is a graphic of a liquidity flow projection for the last quarter of 2008.

Equity markets respond to liquidity or the lack thereof, make up your own mind.

I am long $BKX & XLE Call Options.


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