Thursday, October 9, 2008

Macbeth,Act 4, Scene 1 Enter THREE Witches - >

" .....Hell broth."

"Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble", no not Halloween but another busy day on Wall Street.

Apparently the Main Streeters are sharpening their pitchforks up to have at the Wall Streeters. No, not in the streets of AnyTown USA, nor in the Safeway, nor Kroger nor Loblaws. Nope, probably more like your bank or credit union, will be the "revolting" scene when your Home Equity Credit Line is shut down or restricted.

"Wars, and rumors of wars", a quote from the Christian Bible, tells of peoples troubles and rumors stirring fear.

The reality is, even tho REAL [ not dollars ] incomes reached their peak in North America in 1973, life has merrily moved on.

If your not in your cabin, cottage or bunker with a year's worth of ammo, fuel and freeze-dried tofu, well, you might as well, with the rest of us, come smell the coffee and find some trends from which you can profit.

The world is changing, not ending, so the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Yes the money has gone down the rabbit hole, yes. If you cant fit down the rabbit hole, we will have to find another means of obtaining dinner. Snares, nets, spears, what? You know, risk creates oppurtunity, but that doesnt mean you have to take crazy risks.

Find a niche, study it, develop it, excel at it. The laurels in this world dont go to the faint of heart, nor will they last in the hands of the crazy reckless ones.
Be incisive, clever, observe, and learn. Its your oyster........



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