Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in the day, just this summer I wrote:

"The books are cooked, the money is queer, and the tape is painted". Obviously this was all borne out by the events of the last 30 days. At the 12K to 14K region it was obvious the "TAPE WAS PAINTED." At 7800 to 8800, this is not NOW the case.

"The MONEY is Queer". This is still true, but now everyone wants it so it is appreciating, not depreciating. Its good for awhile but not forever. Its part of the
"Fox & Hounds" tactical strategy the US Monetary Authorities use to bat both GOLD and the $USD in opposite directions in a well coordinated tennis match. It will continue.
If you want a mathematical model to show you how and where these points shift, please sign up for the UPDATES.

What is next? Well if this is a panic bottom [ My opinion, even if this only becomes a relief rally in a bear market ], then what comes after a bottom is an uptrend. GOT STOCK ? GOT GOLD? OBserve the TREND charts in the LINKS for clues.

My LINKS will be updated tonite, so that you can follow what I am : A/ Watching ;

B/ HOLDING; C/ Specific Lists are reserved for Associates..

Have fun, fight nice, stay alert.


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