Thursday, August 28, 2008

Containment of DOLLAR Rally

As I was picking thru my box of tools, I found one I liked, and then I tweaked it to give me a couple hints.

The First Hint I got was where the dashed blue line indicates a bottom level for the Dollar Rally to attain, and the Second Hint was the other graphic with another dashed blue line, which, IMO, will be the LIKELY ABSOLUTE TOP CONTAINMENT for this current dollar rally.

I dont think I have the chuzpah to call the price level where the DOLLAR RALLY will stop but I do have a good handle on a Date Window where a trend reversal will occur for the DOLLAR or The Anti-DOLLAR [ Gold ]. In the possible event they move both in synch with each other, I am thinking my Window on the turn date will be valid for the Ant-Dollar, more so, than the DOLLAR, but that will take a bit more time to figure out.
The Anti-DOLLAR [ GOLD ] might reverse BEFORE the DOLLAR RALLy hits the wall, and the two could once again move in synch for a while.

As to the unlikely nature of this situation, we have the DOLLAR breaking out of a DOUBLE TOP and into a BULLISH CATAPULT, so it forces me to objectively think out how this could end or continue. This is what I have come up with........



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