Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bears used to wander down Main St in Ester, AK

and none of the 700 souls that inhabited the approximately 50 square miles around Ester Dome thought anything of it. In fact they were quite tolerant and protective of those black bears that were always denning amongst the rocks and boulders on the slope of Ester Dome [ approx elevation 3450' above mean sea level]. The Equinox marathon was held there every Sept 21 and it was one of the most grueling runs around considering it had a 3000' vertical rise in 26 miles and that much treacherous trails, the kind of trails too small for a dog team and twice as dangerous.

Ester comes to mind because I like Linux Gold which bought a huge tract of placer claims along Ester Creek. All placer gold has a source, and the lore in Alaska, is usually about a huge mountain that just bleeds gold out into the creeks, anciently and currently. Ester Dome is one such place, and the ground was legendary rich when the miners first went in there in the early 1900's. It is still quite productive and I have no idea, 'cept for the $10 Million that Linux alledgedly paid to get the 30 claims it bought, what ever you could offer an Ester Stakeholder to give up his or her claim. No one ever wants to sell in that area. Ask Kinross, who bought out some claims there on the slopes of the dome....

My point here is not to discuss Kinross or Linux, but to mention Douglas Lake Minerals and their placer prospect in Tanzania. I was reading the report and was struck by the similarity of it to the Ester area. A dozer, rocker box or sluice if you had water, yields lots of gold to the artisan miners, and there is no drilling required. You can reference the PDF report on the Yahoo Board, see for yourself.

Supposidly Bob M. of 321 bad mouthed them but all I can see he said is that the mgmt didnt know how to run a placer operation. Take it or leave it FWIW, it donesnt confront me at all. I notice it cause two things, one it was the #2 pick in Tobinators Qrtrly Report, and my scan this morning showed me a HAMMER candlestick, as I was looking for items to work with. I like everything about it, but it, like Silver Dragon, is not for the faint hearted, so DYODD & DYOHM, before you jump in, but it looks like the negative comments and the plunge in the gold price have opened a seam here, look carefully.

Looking a Japanese Candlestick patterns brought me to BASELINE Oil & GAS [ BOGA ].
If you want to do some homework, I'd advise a look. It has a nice HAMMER and its trend is interesting. Its on my Radar.

Ya'll Fight nice, now, ya hear??


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