Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Deception, Betrayal, Redemption, at the hands of Seeking Alpha, by GOLD.

Does it seem duplicity rules the world ? There is payback, and its getting closer.

Well, lets see, back in 2013, there was the TAX DAY MASSACRE.  Wow, does 4 yrs make enuf difference in cycles manifestation to turn that huge debacle, where some bright person smashed Gold and all its derivatives so low, that it's formed an island bottom?   

   I have written a fair bit about the STRAITS of HELL, and if the GDX should gap over it, it would leave a 4 yr wide Island Bottom.  Starting at 27, going to 28 and spiking to 31, and bashed back down.  So if it rises over the GAP, there may be an unprecedented Island Bottom 4 yrs wide.  Even failing to gap but just moving above 31 to say, would give a bottom band of 28 to 31, which would have an extremely strong base.

  It really doesn't matter, because even if it's not an ISLAND, the upside Structural Potential for the GDX target, exceeds its old high by a decisive margin, and that alone does NOT say it wont go higher during that run or in subsequent days, weeks or months.

Not at all of this has to come to pass.  But I am betting at least some of it will, not by wishful thinking but rather by the simple fundamentals and the math that reflects what is going on underneath the surface and behind the curtain.  You can’t see their idea, but  you can follow their tracks and measure their weights, so there is physical evidence in addition to the tangible clues.

Such as it is, I don’t know what is happening underneath but I do know that the YEN is turning up today for a leg, in the 3rd time in 2017.  It may not be a predictor, but it's a good tracker.

So you can look at the Lime Green arrow and ask yourself why CEF is getting the upper hand over Junk Paper, and has been since the beginning of the year just like the YEN.CEFvJNK.png  So while not much more need to be said to illustrate SOMEThing is happening, you need not fly blind.  SIGN up for The GOLDEN MEAN and be in the loop, WHEN something happens !!!  

  There is no shame being behind the curve, but there is no honor in staying there if there is a way out.

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