Sunday, March 26, 2017

When the going gets tough........JNUG, JDST, NUGT, DUST, HGU.To, HGD.To

I have to go back to my "roots" as is said of someone grounding themselves.   The formations here in the PM sector are giving many GoldBugz serious heartburn.  And I understand that.  However, indecision paralysis can cause you some grief.
     So I went thru my most seriious charts, and tried to assess what might be pro and con.  I have made money both ways, so if this Uptrend craps out, I will get out.  If it reverses to become a downtrend, I will jump into something like JDST in a NY minute.   A good half of my measures are still in the basement, from which rallies are supported.  Of the dozen or so I can see that about 1/4 of them can be seen to be red lining running up against max intensity measures.  That will not stop the advance.   They can tach on further by shifting gears.   What could stop or slow them down is Fuel Starvation of this TREND.  No one is there yet, and forward momentum still rules.     Those are the negatives.    What is positive is Gold with the YEN against the Dollar,  Gold against paper like JNK.
Cartel~Buster daily and weekly are positive and getting stronger, they still are in the basement, as yet.
     REAL GOLD is still STRONG(not KRIMEX), and XLB measures are also strong.   Several analysts say they see triangles and are standing back to see which way it breaks, Up or Down.
          Relative Strength measures say REAL GOLD is doing well, maybe gaining strength.    Momentum measures in Silver grow stronger.  Rydex Cash Flo and Assets are in uprend, gentle tho it may be, they are aimed up.  Same for Price X Volume Oscilators in the Precious Metals Sectors.   And the Stealth Volume in the Gold Metal and Silver Metal Proxy ETF's, are strong and getting stronger.
   Basically the same can be said for the Gold, Silver and Platinum Miner ETFs

      All added up, I guess it means we could get a blip, yes.  I'd say, not more than a blip, but again, we can look at probabilities, but no one really knows, so right now my bet is on a "head fake" and continues consolidation or more upside activity.  No way you should ignore opposite probabilities, but you have to recognize confirmation bias, and weigh it all together.  

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