Friday, March 24, 2017

JNUG up, Stalled ? Sell now or get JDST ? What happens May 1

Well after making my daily tour of the conspiracy, complaint and panic (doom - gloom ) sites, and four cups of very strong coffee, I guess I am ready to write a blog post.
    Whilst I expect this should be quite informative, no doubt only a few will glean the benefit, because as members of this “society of experts” we are taught to distrust what we see with our own eyes and feel with our hearts.   That concept is ALL WRONG for you alway go with your gut instinct !!


This is what we see when we look at a picture of THE GOLDEN MEAN as of the close 2 days ago.  It picks the TREND and DIRECTION of the GDX ETF as UP.    It still is UP.
THE GOLDEN MEAN does a good job of filtering out the “White Noise” that goes with all these up’s and down’s.

This trend started during the week ended Mar 10, and we are about 2 weeks into this move.  Moves of this nature generally go on, in one direction for, say, four (4) to six (6) weeks, some longer some shorter.
  Fortunately for those with strong decision making skills, this implies that there is more room to the upside for the GDX ETF, like ETF’s and the derivatives of each, including leveraged.   The only joker in this deck is the “Reverse Split” which relevant to me in this case is the 4 to 1 reverse split for JNUG on May 1.   Why I think it will make little difference, is that as of that date, the JNUG upleg will be 7 weeks old.  So a $5 share of JNUG will then be $20, and where  you had 100 before,  you will then hold 25 shares.   Good, bad or indifferent says you ?  I heard it means less shares for those shorting JNUG, but with JDST out there, why bother?  It makes a round lot of JNUG a bit more expensive, but hey….if you were gonna do it, your still gonna do it.  For me, it just means by then or before I will be looking at my Canadian GOLDMINER Bear ETF HGD.To.
Bottom line here.  Once I get a GOLDEN MEAN Signal, I go in with at least half my funds designated for that particular ETF or Sector Campaign.  I never get another buy signal.
But after a serious correction in the move, I go back in for half my original commitment in $$.
So if my original Go-In was $1,000, my correction Buy-In is $500.  And so on, always half of the previous commitment, so that a drop at the top doesn’t ruin my profit picture, merely put a dent in it if at all.

How much money are  you going to take home from this move in GDX and JNUG ?  
I must admit no one can tell.  But what I do know, is that several of us got in our Canadian 2X Bear Levered Gold Miner ETF in the 7’s and out in the 9’s taking about 2-3 weeks to do it, which when we looked at it figured out to be about 28% in that time duration, say 3 weeks.
Additionally we now had 28% more capital to deploy, which of course made us happy, more.
We know no one can predict for you but if you have the nerve to execute trades when all about you are fainting and falling out, well as these ETF’s move up and down, you can take home profits, that you don’t get “waiting for The Big Move”.      Subscribe at no risk with the 1st 30 day refund policy, and see.  One big benefit,  you can play the moves UP or Down, you need not wait for a BIG BULL TREND, when a little one will do, or a Bear as well.   Think about it.  After all Captain Kirk it IS logical.

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