Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chumps, Dumps and Trumps -Banksters Mambo #5


      1. NUMBER ONE
        starts to Juice and Goose the markets with VIX, OIL, and OPTIONS on the SPX, off Exchange. At the point the market starts to move up;
      2. NUMBER TWO
        At the point the market starts to move up, then we go in and we scare the shorts to create a short squeeze rally, News Stories and Talking Heads blathering about QE & Stimulus. This gooses the Index.
        1. NUMBER THREE,
        Now that we have moved this Index up to its 50 or 200 DMA, we get the press to talk about rumors that the FED is thinking about increasing 25 basis point the next meeting. Well now they shoot into the flock of investors by talking about the coming FED Increase and the market begins to fade down again.
      3. NUMBER FOUR
        So the Banksters can move in and cover their shorts. Then pick up longs at the bottom the cycle.
      4. NUMBER FIVE
        Rinse and Repeat. Banksters Mambo #5. Repeat News Cycle.
  And yet the imbecile investors fall for it time after time after time, so its no wonder the psycho's in our world hold us in contempt and dont give a rat's *ss if they are turncoats.   Its the oldest play out there, keep running it if it works
  Thus I am sure my reason for only using market data is there.  And bitch that they are, they try to break and taint that too, but just doesnt  So they throw a fit and break the ARCA Data or the ICE Data or anything they can piss into -  just shows  you how close to a total meltdown they are, i.e. the flocked- up silver fixes, LOL.
Is it any wonder Trump is winning ? 
As someone said about Banksters, they act with impunity, but it is NOT immunity !!

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