Wednesday, May 6, 2015

GIMBO Red Green OverXtension Zone Chart


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Lets look at the RED Green Chart:

  I'll update the Red & Green Zones but you still know where they are.   The GREEN arrow on the right, shows our current progress.  So we had 21% Rally, in 36 market days [ Mar 11 to Apr 29].  That is ok with me, considering we have the entire weight of TPTB trying to quash any positive movement by Gold.
     So what could happen now?  I could draw all kinds of nice squiggly lines, and try to show you some conclusions, but I will not, no need at this point in my mind.  WHY ?
     Things are chaotic to the extent, lets say, that you read ZeroHedge, and see all the whacky stuff happening.  I am baffled as to how to guess what or which one, when sets off a small or large avalanche.  But I know, by the odds, something will happen.
Add in that in NOV, DEC, and MAR, GDX hit 16.74, 16.97, 17.16, and 17.29, climbing a tad each time and refusing to stay down,  It ran as high as 23.22, and of course retraced its steps to the Green Zone, where from, it rallies.  Where CAN it go?  Well Logic and P&F charts say this is possible:
Since P & F charts are designed to minimize the Time Dimension as they filter out the "White Noise" in price moves, I'd not venture any guess as to WHEN, but this way, we can see the Frame of the Bldg as it is bolted together to get an idea how high this stage could possibly rise.   For lack of a better guess, I suppose before the end of 2015 is a reasonable landmark.  Maybe with all the bad things supposed to happen in the Fall, maybe it will START up then, in earnest, once all this base building, and backing and filling is done.  Considering how stoutly the GDX has refused to decline after being smashed by the best in the business, I like my story, at least for now.

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