Sunday, January 4, 2015


  Pretty easy to spot the rising trend in the MACD.  And it started Early October, and in fact, Cartel~Buster ! Broke out to the UPSIDE OCT 16 !!, as below
 As indicated by the GREEN Circle.  On top of that we have a very nice Double bottom November and December, just like last year.  Now, are things better or worse than last year ?    Did we get a Double Bottom Last year, December and January ?  What did that look like.

Here is how I see the problem:       While your coping with a train-wreck or getting your butt hammered on the line of Scrimmage, you often don't sense the larger moves you can see from the Coach's Box, so this may be a View for you to catch a glimpse of that.

    Lets look at the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Inventory Reserve MNT.To, and the GDS overlaid on each other, and compare year end last year with year end this year.
Thus it seems to me there is an uncanny resemblance from year to year.
Is it intuition or what we call a hunch to follow this or is it logic?  Use your own means.  There are many other measures that point in this direction.

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