Tuesday, January 6, 2015

BEST SIGNAL OF 2015, so far, and maybe all year [ Precious & Monetary Metals Complex ]

FOR THE LAST 80 days I have watched this Measure bounce off the bottom and move up to a SYMBOLIC Upside Crossing of two moving averages. It uses some long term measures as long as 90 weeks and as short as 10 weeks and several in between.  So when this Measure moves it can easily look like a Quarterly Measure, when it in fact is weekly.

Since I used moving averages and several other processes in computing this graphic, I also did not want to leave out the Elliott Wave people (which I am so very basic at interpreting), and thus include the Blue, Red, Green and Lime lines if case someone would like to weigh in on it.  The chart itself is 30 months so I think allows a good historical perspective.

   What should you do ?  DUCKS IN A ROW ?
    AS long as the bottom blue line is not violated to the downside, I would consider holding Gold Mining Stocks.  Which ones?  Well if i was really cautious and only wanted to buy a small one, with what I think is great potential, I'd consider XRA, or AAU, both have elephant sized prospects in Latin America.
A slightly bigger company with major prospects in Alaska is Nova Gold (NG), a consideration I often refer to, and if you needed a middle of the road representative of the industry, then GDX and or SIL.  These are IDEAS, not advice.

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Stay tuned for the announcement.  Good Luck


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