Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rather Dramatic Post

here is a shot of Cartel~Buster !, an exclusive indicator of mine, which shows the shocking rise in that ground swell of Breadth starting in October, until the entire PM Sector broke loose of the Suppression & Manipulation, and wrested its way free of that situation

I think this quite illustrates the amount of power under this rise.  If  you think that the rise up should be symmetrical and equal the move down, then I am thinking 7 more weeks up, with the correction here and there, but before we see if this becomes a secular bull instead of just a leg in a counter move.  I think several of my other measures including "Acid Test" would serve to confirm that.

Using a more common measure, the Point & Figure Chart, we could develop an upside Potential Objective of $22.72 GDX. Given normal corrections it would not be surprising for the GDX to to talk half that time to do it, at which time a further upside move would be projected, like a fire truck ladder extending itself.  That would put us past the US Thanksgiving and halfway to Christmas, when the BIG Rally in the PM's started last year.

I hope this gives you a small picture of what I am thinking.  There is tonnes more in each issue of Peak Picks, with no risk when you sign up.

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