Saturday, October 11, 2014

Would the Swiss vote on Backing with Gold take us here?

It happened in Argentina, so it could a lot of places



DID HE GET TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH?  Is this where connecting the dots leads? 

I repeat this for the benefit of those of who get lost in the thicket of news and conflicting data. It may or may not happen this way, but the way things have shaped up in the last Month, make me think that any day we could awake to this News Release by the FINANCIAL AUTHORITIES as the word of their STEALTH RE-CAPITALIZATION of BANKS with UP-VALUED GOLD TIER 1 ASSETS leaks out :
Considering the talk of Re-Capitalization; the Federal States of Europe, the re-classification of GOLD as a TIER 1 Reserve ASSET, and the rest, this is not too far fetched:

 Oh yes, Bank Runs all over Europe, Spain now BEGGING for a bailout, what is next ?  Maybe this:

  Straight out of a Jim Sinclair scenario, and clearly stated by HarveyOrgan as a possibility?  
   "Today is Monday the 1st, and Gold opened at $ 3,010.24 with Silver opening at $54.21.  Markets are chaotic but the general markets appear stable to stronger led by a huge rally in the Precious Metals complex that started stealthily during the week of Nov 23, but appeared subdued until the eve of the SNB Vote.   Monetary Authorities, as such had mostly "NO COMMENT", except  the WH said all SNAP cards would be working again, despite the SWIFT takedown.    FOREX markets are in chaos as Russia, Germany and China openly dumped Dollars onto markets trying to minimize losses.   Market analysts suggested that large Asian buyers had triggered this move, as the market shuffles Gold around as the markets attempt to substitute Gold shipments for payments formerly made under the SWIFT System.  One trader suggested someone was not waiting for the ABCDE XX deadline, but protecting their assets before the Banks freeze all accounts."

  This is what could happen in Precious Metals Bear markets

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