Thursday, October 30, 2014

Confused ? - Euro meltdown - ? is it 1914 or 1942 ?

How about the fact that in  1942 it took 38 grams of Gold to equal the Barrons Gold Mining Index, basically the longest continuing running Gold Stock Index I know.  WE are flirting with a 72 year Low, here in 2014, 100 yrs after WWI.

So now we are at about 40 Grams of Gold to Equal this Index now.  A constant like that, is probably the best comparison as otherwise it looks like this:
So you do get it, that it looks like it is way above the lows, but expressed in constant units as Grams of Gold would be, well, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) $#* XX !!  It is spelled BANKRUPT !!  

    Did no one pick up on the fact that this is an attempt to Drive PM producers into Bankruptcy?  Is it? Or is it just "fate"?
    Well around the likes of the Evil One, JPM, the handmaiden of the "Dark Cabal" one wonders.  Who is the Dark Cabal ?  Lets look at two I think are in it thicker than thieves:
John Corizone, formerly of GS, steals Billions from investors and Obama makes it impossible to prosecute him via his crony, Eric Holder.  After all its their loss not ours..............Besides the taxpayers will bail everyone out..........Right?

Lets just look at SOME of the Short Term items already in motion:

SWISS are hard at work ready for their Gold Referendum

2nd Housing Bubble Imploding

QE ending has scared the pants off everyone

CHINA & RUSSIA creating means to bypass U$D

ECB irrelevance revealed as 25+ banks fail stress test

CANADA sets Renumbi trading center to open Nov 2014

US Comically sets Cola at 1.7% when real numbers = 9.4%

INDIA & CHINA establish Asian Infrastructure Bank w/ Arab Oil Emirates on board.

Oh Yes Greek bonds are melting down today and immediately threatening the Euro Scene

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