Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WAS yesterday the 29th DAY or merely the 29th of July ? (see "29th

The 29th Day  is a good place to start if you have not an understanding it is meaning.

Lets take a look at my crude attempt to interpret future curve manifestations in MACD

   Admittedly even though Jim Sinclair introduced me to the use of French Curves here, he did not make much of an artist of me.  I draw  your attention to the Green Dialog and the crude attempt to draw in the possible future histograms.

Now as of last night this is that same chart looked out without my drawing on it.

     WAS YESTERDAY THE 29TH DAY ?  What event will it be?

   Will it be Marty ("The Market is always right") Armstrong, contradicting himself by calling this current PM COMPLEX Rally a "FALSE RALLY" ?  I mean really folks how transparent can one me be when he is on parole from the FEDS and beholden to the USA for his freedom?

     I don't know what event will be singled out as THAT STRAW that broke the camel's back as Lord knows there are enough, any of which could literally disable that camel.

   Trust me, I don't trust THEM.  But I do observe.  They can run, they can hide, but they CANNOT do it forever, and they have NO GOLD LEFT, like Esau, they squandered it for what ?  More poverty for the masses in the West, more luxury for the West's obscene 1%, or were they moved by the plight of Asia and generously decided to enrich them, while maintaining the West's obscene 1% in power ?

  Do I know.  For sure NO.   Do I hold specie metal in my possession.

YOU BET !!!   GOT GOLD ??  GOT SILVER ?  It may well be the 29th Day........


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