Thursday, June 5, 2014

Saddle up Cowboys & Cowgirls, I suspect this herd is ready to stampede

"I love my uncle, he taught me all I know, he taught me so well ,  I grabbed that gold and left his dead a** by the side of the road."  Grateful Dead," Me and My Uncle".  Definitely a tale worth the listen and maybe the lesson.

   Right now in the PM Complex ,  GDM class stocks,  advances are outrunning declines 5::1 for the first Decisive day we had since we started bottoming.  We have had Outside days, yes, but nothing "Blow your Doors Off ", yet, but this looks like it.  The clincher will be the trading action in the last hour.

   Got some hammers hanging here a few days back so maybe our Jewish Carpenter will show up and build us a stairway to are the charts

OMG this is so beautiful, I think I will cry, LOL !!

Saddle up I say, we can always come

Travel light, hit hard and disappear.......

Only to show up again when least expected.  Ya'll

Sign up, and be ready, PEAK PICKS "All Ya need, Nutin' else"

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