Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gold Miner Breadth OScillator - what is really happening NOW

 Thought ya'll like to see it from the inside instead of in the audience as it was "behind the curtain" as we are so oft treated to, like a bunch of rubes.
   Top Panel is an MACD-like measure that is showing us the current trend.
  Second Panel down is the GDX with a 20 DMA.
  THIRD PANEL is the Oscillator itself with the Faster RED measure reaching into OverXtended territory, whilst the  Slower GREEN lags.   It some point they will cross, MEANING that the MOMENTUM within the TREND is lessening,   alerting us to the potential for change.  If you have stops in position, you should review and stick to them.
  If you scalp short term moves,  now is a good time to review that as well.
 Fourth or Bottom Panel     is the Stochastically processed graphic of the Main Panel (Breadth Oscillator) indicating the upward momentum has bumped up against its relative limit, and is not ACCELERATING any faster.  Its like your
Ford 302 or Chev 283 revved out at 6,500 RPM without a hi-lift cam, it cannot Accelerate any more, but it can hold it.
Bottom line here ?  The longer we go up,  the more we will likely see some form of correction.  There is resilience.
If you got stops, well that's why.
 The other thing to take from this, is that Momentum operates WITHIN Trends.   Continued directional changes in Momentum WITHIN Trends, can / may change the TREND but it takes time.  Momentum changes may simply be (mid-course (steering adjustments) changes). 
  Profit now, sign up, a dozen new picks waiting for YOUR PROFIT.  Good Luck DG

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