Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jing Wu Men - "The Chinese Connection"

We know Krugman is not smart enuf, just another Ivy League knothead way over his head.    Now NEO might be smart enuf to pull it off, but he is not about to tell but you might know if you took the RED PILL.

Lets consider the CRIMEX price notation known my nickname of INSIDIOUS, keeps dropping and dropping, all the while the world is going to Hades in a handbasket.   
                           JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?
One of the more nagging questions has been swirling in my head as I fall asleep.   The REAL GOLD price runs a 12.5% premium to Gold's INSIDIOUS, and the REAL SILVER price runs a 25% premium to Silver's INSIDIOUS.  
      What the hell is happening.........
Well long ago and far away, there was a CHINESE CONNECTION btwn the Brits, whom now we will characterize as the Anglo Banking Cartel ( ABC for short), and Gold Metal Accumulators  (GMA) ( mostly Chinese & Indian).  The connection btwn these guys was TEA.
   And no one need look farther than the CUTTY SARK for both proof and narrative as to the connection.

   Now could it be that the ABC would like to spin out its game of FiatNam a bit farther, than they could if they had a REAL GOLD MARKET instead of a
"JUST KIDDING" Mart like the Crimex.   However we all know it takes TWO to Tango.  Just suppose we had a guy, who knew a guy, who could supply us with a lot of "STUFF" one eighth to one quarter UNDER the market, IF we kept our mouths shut.  Hmmm.  I mean who would not want that??  You, me?

  Now I think the GMA would be happy to be assured of a supply of STUFF, at below market prices in exchange for not dumping US Treasuries.  That might continue until there is no more STUFF for incentive.  The STUFF might be
 thrice owned gold known as "leased" which will never find its way home again cause its ownership chain is being erased thru re-smelting and re-casting, eliminating the danger of finding Tungsten cores in Gold Bars, hmmm.

  An interesting coincidence has been the kick off of the "Summer Precious
Metals Rally" and large sales of US Treasuries in June of 2013, by PRC.   PRC has lots of US Treas Debt, and it would be nice if they would not dump it all at the same time, but logic would dictate that they do otherwise unless they wanted to and were prepared to create havoc in the debt market.  Certainly those selling debt are far less prepared then those holding it, for such a deal.

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ? And HOW long will it keep happening?
My Scientific wild guess is that it will go on until one or the other party decides its no longer in their interest to hold up their end of the deal.
Will it be when the West runs out of Gold to be Sold "Down the River" so to speak, or will it be when those holding Western Debt decide its no longer a good idea, that Western Currency depreciation has gone on too long ?

  Now each and every reader of this has the right, duty a, nd obligation to question what I am saying as part of their PERSONAL Due Diligence process,
so I wanted to provide some rationale for what I say here.  FIRST, like a Civil rather than a Criminal Trial, a higher level of Circumstantial Evidence is acceptable rather than direct evidence.   Circumstantial Evidence relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact, whereas DIRECT EVIDENCE supports the truth of an assertion without referral or inference.

     The following is observed and when taken together with a number of other observations, can be thought to be CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.

1/  Physical Inventories of Silver & Gold Metal, as evidenced by published reports, are dropping in the Western Hemisphere and rising in the Eastern Hemisphere.

2/  Precious Metals Refineries throughout the world, are working at fulll capacity with a large % of that operational capacity dedicated to re-casting existing larger bars into both large and medium Good Delivery Bars and Kilo Bars (previously less popular in the Western Markets).

3/ "INSIDIOUS" or CRIMEX pricing notation, is consistently 12.5% below PHYSICAL GOLD and 25% below PHYSICAL SILVER Sales especially notable since the TAX DAY Massacre.

   Now from selling our homes to selling stuff at flea markets we know that the goods flow to the  highest prices.    We are faced with watching the INSIDIOUS Pricing consistently below that of PHYSICAL pricing, thus, even in ABNORMAL Times indicates a preference for PHYSICAL METAL vs Paper Contracts.

   Please don't jump to any conclusions but apply simple logic as to Supply, Demand and Pricing Dynamics.
    I come up with the idea that it would be mutual beneficial to both The GMA & ABC to do this 
"Infernal Swap Agreement" of selling Gold as cheaply as possible to forestall chaos of dumping in the debt market.  Note that in JUNE, it was a cessation of buying, not a flood of selling, of US Debt.  I have not attempted to imagine the level of havoc that would be caused by aggressive selling.  It would NOT be in the GMA's interest to DUMP debt like I suspect the ABC has been doing with Gold Paper Contracts.  I think it would threaten the integrity of the Debt Markets were it done in that fashion.

   There are lots of other "funny" things that have happened, but based on what we know, we can conclude that higher prices and demand from the GMA are drawing Gold & Silver to it, and we also conclude they [GMA]  are primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere.  This leaves a lot of questions open, the answers to which we will likely never know for sure.  But since Actions Speak Louder than Words, we can take FWIW, the conclusions of that.

     I am never so concerned about WHY as WHAT, due to the fact that we will likely never know WHY, so I skip it, so I offer the above to support my suspicion that a "CHINESE CONNECTION" may well exist as a tacit agreement btwn the ABC & GMA.  Its a suspicion, a theory, with circumstantial evidence, not  more. Suit yourself.

   A good guy you may want to read is SRS ROCCO REPORT.
He is a good guy and publishes good stuff..

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