Monday, December 31, 2012

Gift for 2013 + US 90% silver Walking Liberty offer

A GIFT for 2013

Actually its 5 in one, but the ONE, when composed of the five saves you a lot of grief.

Sometimes it seemed as if the the five gifts were the five torments, but taken together they help us.

What we see above is the consistent pictures we see time to time, almost weekly of
co-ordinated dumps that attempt to intimidate metal and mining investors with the volatility
of the metals. Of course if you review the longer term charts, its quite a different story such as
For many of us, this is in the least annoying, but in the end a gift of cheaper metal, whilst the supply of metal is shifted from the manipulators to the accumulators.

So then you ask yourself : Manipulated or Accumulating, which am I?

If you get sent a false “Price Signal” as so often is the case, and find yourself bailing on your well established position, you are MANIPULATED. IF YOU can find the courage to buy when all are selling, likely as not you will find yourself in a good entry position, unlikely to be shaken out by other panic selling coming after, as it usually establishes a higher bottom as seen in the above “” 5 year chart. Savvy, courage and observation save you the embarrassment of bailing out with all the panicked sellers.

None of these 5 items are my original work, but putting them together for you is.
IMO, much of a debt of gratitude belongs to Jim Sinclair, who, consistently and over time, has been there for investors, and been as right as any one can be while being “ In – Your – Face” to the clowns who have taken us down this destructive road.

A GIFT for 2013
While this picture is an imperfect example it will do none-the-less.
Pictured is a “DUMP” that occurred earlier this year.

Point #1 of this gift: Gold didn't just drift down to lack of speculative interest, it was
DRIVEN down, in less than 1hour, more like 10 min.

Point #2 of the gift: Whereas it cannot be seen here, the Volume used to do this
was LARGER than the market, some fraction of Annual Production, either
Global or National, but far larger than what is normally traded.

Point #3 of the gift : The trade(s) pictured here are Counter-Productive and Non- Economic, meaning that the seller realized far less than what would be
realized in a For-Profit-Trade, thus indicating the entities behind the trade, even
if they are BOTH sides of the trade, have OTHER OBJECTIVES than profit.

Point #4 of the gift : The trades typically ( not in this case) are done when no-one else is trading, I.E. midnite madness, early morning skulldugery and other forms of foul play.

Point #5 of the gift : Prices never remain at the spike lows long enough for most investors to obtain an entry but take a “Hockey-Puck-Richochet” bounce up so fast, that normal investors never get those prices.

Additionally, prices rebound, recover and go on to new heights, whilst the “Cheaters” that cause this action, get the low and get to play the game over and over again without regard to cost as they are funded by entities larger than the markets.

OK, I outlined the problem and the gift, so now here is one way to deal with it.
Caesar was quite rightly famous for knowing when to pursue and annilhilate, when to hang back to avoid ambush and when to offer terms generous or harsh to secure this goals.
In short his judgement was excellent. How we would emulate or reproduce such a strategy, a CAESAR STRATEGY going forward would be another gift of this season.

Since we all suffer our predjudices of stocks we like or don't, I reco'd a stock I love to hate, Stillwater Mining Co, a platinum producer in N.America. A real dog of a stock. Sometimes

A GIFT for 2013
CAESAR Strategy
RSI is circled in RED on the top panel and Bollinger Band points in BLUE.

Simply RSI and the Bollinger Band, act as your tripwires to tell you how far gone the condition of a stock's move has progressed when its LIKELY its move is Exhausted.
Extreme RSI readings can be used, as well as Extreme Bollinger Band positions.
Recommended during the summer, SWC ran hard with a $27.50 Projected Bullish Objective,
to have that projection smashed down to $8.00 while the stock is now trading where it was when there was a $27.50 projection. What does that mean? It means traditional P & F charting lags. Nothing more. It filters small moves but lags. Thats the trade-off in using it.

So acting “As if Caesar”, you could add each time the price touched the lower Bollinger Band, or the RSI went into an extreme zone. The GREEN arrows show you when the stock climbed ontop of the Upper Bollinger Band, to behave like a rocket on rails. Although a
Platinum & Rare Earth producer, it gets whacked just like the other PM stocks.

IMO, “Acting as if CAESAR” is one way to avoid being bamboozled by the manipulators.

That's my gift to you, for 2013, to avoid being bamboozled by the manipulators.
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