Thursday, October 4, 2012

More frequents postings and updates, + TA

       Whether its helping yourself set sane stops and stick to them or finding potential upside goal projections, I will be able to post a bit more frequently at     All View Board  over on IDB.Com.   I am looking forward to streamlining things a bit..........  You can either join this particular board by signing up here or there, its FREE !

   Don't let this one throw you, its gonna be a wild ride.........


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Mammoth said...

Greetings DG, I followed your link from SilverDoctors.

"If you’re willing to take a reasonable risk, at multiplying your purchasing power, BUY PHYSICAL SILVER"
- - - - -
While it is tempting to use one of those '1% fee, 0% interest for 12 months' credit-card checks to buy a truckload if Silver, this is more risk than I would care to take on.

This compares to that algebra problem where the person is on a bridge and needs to either run from the train, or run towards it.

The difference being that you know the speed of the train, whereas with Silver you do not know when it will go parabolic.