Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking it to the NEXT level, whatever that is.......

Fairly straight forward we can see that end of JULY, the number of stocks in the GDM took off in Bullish P & F charts thus sending the BPGDM off to a flying start.
       The 2 lower gray lines underneath the advance, going up diagonally, represent the likely spots a correction may find support. 
       NOW understand this is a short term measure with longer term implications.  We, in fact, earlier in this blog, in the spring, showed how to continue the previous slaughter of Gold Miners was setting up this advance we are now enjoying.
        TIDES come in EBB and FLOOD stages, and this is no different, EXCEPT this one need not go back to ZERO or near ZERO again Right Away, but I expect it will fluctuate.

That kind of timing and  insight is what you get when you get PEAK PICKS.
We will be further analyzing that chart and others as this move unfolds and moves on up.

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