Monday, May 7, 2012


yes big chumps, for AAPL and a whole lotta other stuff.  Wild and crazy, the NOMINAL VALUE of the WILSHIRE 5000 Index, which is the ENTIRE MARKET, continues to climb but tops out !!  Mean while the Actual amount of shares trading to the upside, continues to slide like the downslope of a roller coaster.

Now, the sitting US President, has from NOW, until Early October to produce a stupendous stock market rally.  By the time this decline ends, it seems that there will not be enough rabbits or enough hats to give the Incumbent President enough momentum to retain his office, IMO !

Maybe it has to do wit the fact that JPM alone has sufficient nominal value in DERVIATIVE CONTRACTS to equal the GDP of the entire world.  The next 8 banks in holding size have similar amounts down to almost nothing.  Basically we now have the 9 largest banks in the USA as Zombie, insolvent entities.  The UN-DEAD, that will not go away.

    Given the PERFECT STORM that will coalesce in 2013, I would not want to be the NEW PRESIDENT.  I doubt that the old President wants to be the NEW President either given what will be on  his plate.  Myself, no matter, I seriously think its going to be a seriously wild ride, with serous causualties, some amongst the same old usual suspects and some we had not anticipated.

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