Monday, April 16, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors for the Goosed 'n Juiced

Another disgusting view of the REAL MARKET, sans HFT, sans smoke & mirrors.
The blue declining line, is a trend line of the ACTUAL VALUE of market transactions for the last 2 years, 2010, & 2012, thru today.

    Remember when  you asked yourself, what the heck is going on, they say its going up, but it FEELS like its going down. YOU WERE RIGHT ! !  AND,
you were being fed a "Line" by the 5th Estate Talking Heads, simply send out more mis-direction, and confusion.
    You have seen how the volume has kept dwindling down in the Industrial Stocks while through "INDUCED VOLATILITY" the Monetary Metals and its MINERS were made to look inherently dangerous and unstable, but in fact their TRADED SHARE Value and amount of shares on the GDX are moving the opposite way, despite appearances.

   Below that is the same style Chart for the GDX, the AMEX Gold Miners Market Vector.  For sure they are not the same. I repeated the chart so you could get a good look.

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