Monday, March 19, 2012

Reviewing my notes I think I can add a couple more things that will shape

what we might expect to see, a couple from Jim Sinclair as well.

The national sales tax advocated by MA would exempt your basic elements such as Food, Clothing, Shelter and as much as possible, items that would make this a regressive item.

Another item MA previously advocated was a Flat Tax on Corp Profits.  I dont know if this is still on the table in  his mind.

Now, outside of the current resolution of the Debt Crises but yet part of the solution, is to issue no more debt, but to finance by issuing currency instead, again an MA Item.

Now as to what Jim Sinclair had to say,  he expect there to be brought into creation a Virtual World-Wide Reserve Currency, pegged to gold by a valuation mechanism he called something like an Internationally Stablilized Currency Pricing, wherein a Gold Index number was produced on a daily continuing basis by an independent entity.   This way, every country could move it's local currency in and out of the world currency at will based on the valuation.  We shall see if this comes to pass.  It is in his posts on JS MINESET.

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