Monday, March 19, 2012

A brief look at MA's article published today

Martin Armstrong is an avid ancient history buff and has over time, related current era phenom's back to ancient times, making the current day alchemists a bit uncomfortable.

In the latest PDF published today at, if you'd care to read it  yourself. It is excellently full of history, sculpture and some good coin pictures as well.

Here are the main four points I got from it, some of which he has previously stated public as well.

These points are what he thinks relates from Caesars Roman Debt Crises Era that would apply here, now:

1/  Reduce by approximately 1/3 to 1/4 Mortgage Debt to distressed homeowners, so as to balance and share the distress without crushing either debtor or lender.

2/  Re-institute the Usery Cap on interest rates limiting it to 9%.

3/ Restrict Banks to Banking only by bringing back a tough GLASS-STEAGAL law (FED & STATE)

4/ Move from Direct Taxation to Indirect Taxation via a National Sales Tax and Abolish IRS in the process.

Pretty Simple, sounds most like RP2012 stuff to me.......

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