Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marginal Vehicles go "Twitchy" First

Generally its the smaller boats the pick up the feel of the waves before the bigger ships can sense it, so here is a picture of the CDNX, the Canadian Venture Exchange,  with mostly Junior Mining and Energy Issues forming a majority of the listings.

THUS I think it curious as we are getting the liver scared out of us by the drops in the Monetary Metals Complex, and yet, the VENTURE Exchange is trying to form up in a preliminary BUY formation, which would be completed once those two lines PURPLE and GREEN cross over in side that circle...........  It bears watching.
That's my take and that is one of the charts I am watching - NOTE, the MACD Cross over is about to occur on the BOTTOM PANEL, my Grapix Program had a bit of an accident............LOL

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