Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inflation ? HyperInflation ? CRACK-UP BOOM ! ! !

Inflation - Grocery, Hardware Store, Auto Shop MY INDEX

  Ok, lets look. Last night I thought I'd find equivalent Laptops down in price from 2 mo ago. WRONG, UP, prob due to Chinese Yuan pricing.  OK,   now to to snow tires,  Not quite double from 2 yrs ago.  Car Battery ->  On sale, $87.  Whats wrong with that pix?  3 yrs ago, I thought $59 was outrageous.   Hardware store, nails to hang pix, $4 bux, double 2 yrs ago.  Wifes clothes shopping, up about 20% for the same items NOT on sale at Walmart.  MY INDEX IS UP.  Oh grocery store ?  You dont want to talk about that or go there, no way Jose.  Remember when wheat spiked and came back down HALFWAY ? -> Look at your bread prices now.  Buy some beef, pork or chicken and see what you think.
  Now I know we are told these are "Temporary" Increases, but the problem is that I am paying for them with fiat that PERMANENTLY leaves my wallet, so  its permanently distressing to my budget.
  Lets see:  these are some of the groceries and products that I know have gone up, from buying them on periodic basis:
Maple syrup
Motor Fuel
Motor Oil
Tim Horton's
US Post
Canada Post
AA & AAA Batteries
Dollar Store items
Cut Flowers
Purolator Courier Svcs
Books at Chapters.
   Now my friends, I know this is all TEMPORARY, but so is human life, so how do we deny we have inflation in what we buy to sustain our lives on a daily basis ? ? ?

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