Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What we know,in Brief, What to do:

    There are enough shocking headlines that I wont try to sensationalize this, as I think we all have been completely de-sensitized to things that should have us howling with outrage, rather than just throwing up our hands.

     Simply put, Europe has the Plague in its Financial Form.  For the EU to survive, IMO, they will need to put their house in order by setting a prioritized sequence for EUROBONDS with differing charges to member countries who borrow money.  One Currency, One Debt, charged  in proportion to the credit-worthiness of the debtor within the EU.  Thats what its going to take to exit this crises.  The only other exit will be the Morgue or Financial Burying ground for stupid politicians.  But if they go down( the politicians) they will no doubt take the populace down with them.  I dont know if it will take more riots to get their attention, but to exit this while the system still functions, some had better sit up and take notice quickly.

Now for the rest of us, unpolitically priveledged or connected are continious decision points where we have to work out way through this maze.

  Basically it works out like this:  To survive this Plague of Paper (money) which is a great transfer medium, but is lousy at holding its value, we must find things of value we can anchor our financial worth fast to, in this storm.  If you use "STUFF" everyday in  your job or biz, you might do all you can to secure a supply of it.
If you can, stash forward the stuff  you use and eat everyday, in so far as possible, for financial hedging.
If you can afford a financial hedge,I suggest obtaining American Silver Eagles, US 90% silver coinage, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins.  If you wish to see what and how I am hedging in the markets, please use the HALFPRICE coupon code if you order Peak Performance Picks, from out website at www.denaliguide.us

Likely the US will not technically default as they can print or digitally produce the US Dollar which is a globally accepted Unit of Transfer.  Its ok except that the long term holders of Dollar Denominated assets have the Value of their asset transferred away from them through the continual issue of new Dollars.

Grace yourself with some serenity after you have hedged  your dollars, and move on as nothing will serve you to assume the mantle of "Gloom & Doom" and once you have set  your hedges, nothing will be accomplished by worry.

One of the authors I read summed it up best as follows, to your course of action:  "Stack up precious metals, ride the equities markets up and down taking profits, and use those profits to stack up precious metals.  Repeat as often as markets allow".  While that is more easily said than done, you may find trying out PEAK PICKS or AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION with their money - back guarantees, will do a lot more for you and your families security, than any amount of worrying.

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james said...

I do not believe that the european union will solve their problems anytime soon.