Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now and again a good "Show & Tell" chart comes up, this is one I think

while I do my scans and assessments, collecting stock information nightly,  I noticed on Jan 25 that several of my unique indicators were giving UPTREND SIGNALS at times the markets were plunging and panic-stricken.

Charts are helpful but the analysis is HUMAN DRIVEN, using the "weight of the evidence"  approach which makes it a bit easier to be objective when all about you are losing their heads, figuratively and financially.

Looking at the Bradley Chart we see a virtual "CLIFF-DIVE" from 2/3 [ today] to 2/17, but again, its about CHANGE, not direction, not amplitude, and yet there is this huge Up-Ramp from 2/17 until 7/29, so what shall we do?   We take up positions "IN ANTICIPATION" because that is what speculators do, SPECULATE, to observe and act on the potential extrapolated results.   What we do is measure the markets and implement MIMIC Behaviours.  

    Look at the seasonal crude chart above.  It shows a seasonal bottom in the Feb-Mar area, with a subsequent climb into the summer.  Now that is seasonal.  How about a BLACK SWAN.  OK, how about Tunisia.  Who expected a 30 revolution, over and done with?  Can we predict BLACK SWANS?  Likely not, or at least I dont try.  Can we prepare for BLACK SWANS?  Yes.   HOW?  Buy having our preparations in a state of readiness.   We have our sectors spread out strategically,   we balance our producers vs our developers vs. our explorers.  WE balance that against our cash.  We move out of  plays losing their seasonal strength, and into plays gaining seasonal strength.  HOW ?  WHERE?
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