Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Memories of nasturtiums at Ester Gold Camp

Thanks to my sweet partner for  these nasturtiums that  so remind me  of  those we had  back at the Ester Gold Camp [ now closed ].  The Coke bottle was dug up in a flower bed.   Summer is  here, and its clear and sunny.   These flowers do not bloom well in good soil, so I am told, and thus I have withheld the fertilizer from that section of the garden.   The woodstove takes me back, and come winter it will keep us nice and warm.

Things like flowers help me appreciate the things life has to offer, whether it is friendship, a serene scene, or classic and timeless beauty.
The simplicity of this beauty  struck me as something I wanted to share.   It is the simplicity that brings the beauty in so close  that  you can feel the vivid nature of memories from forms an colors like a French Impressionist painting.

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