Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kondratieff's vision's are fulfilled by the unforseen BLACK SWAN events

SO is it the "hand from the grave" that we find ourselves dealing with, or like the cartoon character POGO, do we accept : "We have met the enemy and he is us.!" ?

More like it is the arrogance and complete hubris of those who have wormed their way into central positions as MONETARY AUTHORITIES that have left the financial system at total risk of disintegration by chaining together all the financial risks in the world into one long FAST FUSE, or so, that is, IMO.

Rather than hand-wringing, we can pursue a course to prepare and defend ourselves and our families financial health.  The satisfaction I get from writing PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS keeps me going , daily, to find ways for you to protect yourself.
     A partial list of candidates from whom I will choose this weeks selections is : NEM,  HW, MSB,  QMM, FUN, LIZ, HRZ, GPK, SR, MLM, TD, RKH, V, FRG..................all good candidates........... but only  a few will make the cut.

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