Monday, June 21, 2010

Stocks of interest in last nights chat

were from sectors from Food to Crude, Oil Sands, Steel, Iron & Coal,  Gold, Silver, Nat Gas, Agriculture, Fertilizer and Finance.  A number of  areas including coins, physical gold and silver, coins, ETF's of all kinds, and techniques discussed made the two hours fly by.  Some of those items less frequently mentioned in mainstream dialogs were KOL, SIVR, & PHOSPHATES.

I think there was a slight consensus of who was the "GO-TO-GUY" in the PM and Mining sector, and maybe one stock we again placed in consensus plus we were able to share a trading technique or two.

Some of the stocks we covered were WTN.To, GCE.To,, MSB, CLF, AXU, JAG, AAV, AGT, KBX, QMM, RBY, VGZ, TIV, NG, MGI, PAL, and some how I am sure we will see them again.

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