Thursday, November 12, 2009

State of Despair, VS. INFLATION Nation-> Fishy?

Well it is seen to be potential for mischief here, seeming as if the old "switcheroo" of INFLATION Vs DEFLATION,is about to be trotted out and shown to us, like the "BogeyMAN". Everyone be scared now, long enuf to to sell LOW, and then again Buy HIGH. Kinda like how GS and LB make those fantastic profits. DIDNT ya wonder?

Now what are the TV, Media and Financial Guru's and Talking Heads carpet bombing us with? HMM might they be a great series of contrary indicators? I for one am skeptical, and follow what THE Market is actually saying, rather than what others tell me it is saying. I would then say, that the graphic's show the de-acceleration in the breadth underpinning of the current market. I dont know how MR. NASTY is going to break, and I dont know if it will crash. I know that it will fluctuate enough to scare the pants off most of usIF WE LET THAT + THE HEADLINES FREAK US OUT, which would be the desired effect, as we are panic into SELLING LOW and BUYING HIGH, u n l e s s you know better

Now that you know better, stay tuned.

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