Thursday, November 12, 2009


Chat with Mac 11/19/09
Plus recap and new info

This Week FREEWEST stock maintained its 30% market premium over NOT's all stock offer.

This week I had chat with Mac and kept it very short, with only a few questions. He was clear annoyed by the ongoing smoke and mirrors, maintaining his poise and assured manner. He never gave me a hint that of the potential negotiations, and I made sure I did not ask any prying or leading questions.

The chart expresses it best, as the consolidation appears, potentially halfway up a move.
You can do the math on that.

Bottom line here, is that FREEWEST never stopped doing what it does best, creating stockholder value, despite the distractions todate. I think this announcement about non-binding negotiations will
calm things down a bit, as FREEWEST works towards another “Preciptating Event”, the compiling and publishing of NI 43-101 Compliant mineral discovery and reserve data.

Right now I am watching and comparing share prices,capitalization, RoF position on SPQ, KWG, & FNC, as to see what might be created from any number of combinations and permutations of these companies plus FREEWEST, potentially ending up with a Supra-Chrome Company in the RING.
Thats a hunch I am working on.

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