Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Big Wheel goes Round and we are so DIZZY

Its got to make you dizzy. Two hundred down, Two hundred up, where she stops, nobody knows. I mean its 10 PM do you know where your stocks are?

Basic SHORT ANSWER: Wheel within a wheel. Like the spring driven clocks that unwind and then wind back up again we have two wheels. One Very Large Wheel, this trip it's a BEAR WHEEL. One Medium Wheel inside the Very Large Wheel. From March, the Medium Wheel has been in Bull Mode, while the VERY Large Wheel in BEAR mode, has been in neutral. IMO, we are at the top of a Bull swing, within a larger bear market.
When the wheels are synchronized,the market surges or crashes in strong moves.
But like the US Congress, even when the same forces control the legislature and the presidency, they dont always move in a straight line.

My guess, knowing what the "smartest guys in the room" are seeing and saying,I think at the top of this rise, we will decline into March of 2010. So far I dont see any evidence to dispute this, and yet we will make profits in the market, with the selections from PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS. Try it, you will like it, subscribe at the box below the PINGBOX. For less than you spend at the Qwkie Mart in 1 stop, you can access your way to profits.

Meanwhile stay aware............

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