Thursday, October 22, 2009

Developed Divergence leads 2 DROP

Well as the title premise states the developing divergence and loss of momentum by MR NASTY has portended a reversal of flow of fund, OUT of the Markets. and do except
for selected stock such as featured in PEAK PERFORMANCE PICK, and other exceptions like FREEWEST Resources of CANADA [ FWR.v, US Pink sheets FWERF ], fund are leaving the markets.

Longer term it appears as if the world will not end. Somehow all those billions of people in Asia who have been working their toes off, will not be denied their rewards

That does mean that a lot of bloom is gone from the growth of other sectors of the world or the charts would be off the scale for aggregate demand. We have polka - dot recession, prosperity, adversity, all over the place. Sectors are now global, and so people all over the globe will be feeling different things. GOOD sectors will prosper.

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