Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Correction is read, NOW, Today

I will post the charts in a bit, but you can easily access some charts at

Erik who runs it is a level headed guy who makes sense. Uses more words than me but that is OK.

TIGHTEN YOUR STOPS or just make your peace and cut loose of anything you dont really need. From what I see certain PM stocks did good today but over all they were not real impressive. What the FED said or did impacted virtually all sectors.

The action in the most sensitive indicators was as decisive to the downside for a CORRECTION, as it was to the upside in May for an UPTrend. By measure of amplitude I think we are in for a correction not a crash.

Subscribers will be getting SHORT ANSWER Details in their PPP Review, out tomorrow.

Film at 11 or something like that.

Tighten your stops.


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