Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is A Moment, maybe THE MOMENT, lets see

Ah yes nothing like the smell of napalm [ I mean Nat Gas ] in the morning !! Love to hear the rattle of those M-60's and the "thump, thump, thump" of the mortars.

Today I think they might be shooting Nat Gas rounds. Noticed that Compton Pete[CMZ], a primarily Nat Gas outfit from Calgary jumped up 23% yesterday, sooooooo I'd say, this is a SIGN, maybe a sign, not a STOP SIGN, not a YIELD, but a Be Aware. UNG showed up, and after a herculean pounding might be just what you want to look at. Early on PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS has positioned a number of Nat Gas issues as buys, so well, ya know for the cost of what ? Movie tickets, you can get your profits on with PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, but for now UNG is my gift to you all.

Ya'll have fun while I go back to my technical screening for my next PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS Letter tomorrow.

Back to your previously scheduled programming.

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