Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speaking of Winners

Scanning this morning I noticed that PZE which was a #3 Gold Medal reco on 9/10
at $6.75, OPENED today at $ 17.29, and is trading in the 17-18 range. FWIW while I am attuned for news, which I have not yet ferreted out, any of you holding it must DYODD here to determine your course of action. Typically my rule is to "Sell the Spikes" but this may be something different than a spike, rather an offer to buy or something of that nature. In any case, A STOP BELOW THIS, as a Take Profit Point [ TPP ] is called for.

As I develop more news I will either carry it on the letter or send it out as a FLASH MESSAGE.

Meanwhile, Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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