Monday, August 17, 2009

TALLY HO, says Mr. Nasty

Well, we ARE off to the races ! ! ! Declines outran advances 5 to 1, fairly decisive.
Mr.Nasty's cousin, Captain NAMO is about to run aground, at which time the rout may halt for a breather. I am NOT counting downside objectives at this point, rather watching and waiting on the weather and the waves and other internal clues as to how the scenario will play out.

True to form with the Liquidity Curve, Gold and Gold Stocks are following it down, like a snowboarder riding a rail, as they start to cling tight to the lower Bollinger Band Border. Do the math yourself and you see that no matter what this is considered, Bear or Bull Market, it has a ways to run and will take a breather or two along the way. For those of you who do such calculations, it makes a fine guessing game, along with "Catch the Falling Knives/Swords/Rocks", and some lucky person will guess the right combo of Fibonacci Numbers, Ellliot Waves and moon phases. Probably the rest who play will get a bit bloodied.........

Meanwhile, Ya'll fight nice, no ear - biting or eye gouging. Remember its all fun and games until someone loses and eye and then its SPORT !!!

Mind your Stops and Take Profit Points.

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