Monday, August 10, 2009

OK, lets have a little fun

who did not make this AM's short list. Here we go, a bunch of stocks that DID not pass the 3 final filters:

AZK ; GU ; HTE/Un.To ; TIV ; CMZ ; CPE ; WNR ; APL ; ODP ; HH ; MRT ; CKR ; OFI ; ATV; AEN.To ; PZG.To ; OPC.TO ; MGA.To ; AZC. To ; CBR. Nor bad stocks, picked for technical merit, just that they did not have it ALL together in one place at one time. Today's picks are semi-finalists, and will be included in determining the Gold Medal Winners for PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS WEEKL WINNERS. Between now and then a lot wil change and we will pick up lots more to screen and filter thru, until we find a roster that will profit you short term, with entry and stop limits. No talk, no yak, just clear concise profitable picks. Last I looked our winner % was well above 80something%, and profits were to be had, depending on where you decided to try it out. Later this week I will publish some of the recent weeks picks to the website and link it here.

Good Luck.


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