Sunday, August 9, 2009


When your reading this, its possible your thinking about your future.

Fear not pilgrim. We constantly read the "Doom & Gloomers". Frankly they drive me a little bit around the bend. To be sure, good and bad things will happen to us, our families, our regions and our countries because life is dynamic. We have the choice if we are going to be happy. Making a conscious choice to be happy is dynamic and will impact all manner of others around you. Truly you will never know in advance, whose life you may touch, making a decision to enjoy your life. Further it is a win win situation, with nothing to lose but the blues. A touch of melancholy is helpful in artistic enterprises, I am told by talented artists, but I must agree when THEY say its never good to carry these negative emotions past bedtime.

Find those things you enjoy. Find a quiet space in yourself, find a quiet place, and enjoy your life.

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