Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who is news. WHODA thunk it ??

well the GRUNE WELLE is rolling, yes the green wave, of money across the globe [whether it buys anything, well the is different], but as it washes thru the three main markets, ASIA, EUROLAND, and NAMERICA in turn, it flows thru markets, mostly turning the GREEN if the PUMPS are revved up high enuf....

Note Mr. Nasty is not dancing to their tune, but he is tapping his toe, making ripples as funds leave the markets. Yes an up ripple here, and there, but in the main,
you can safely spot the high-money mark back on May 11, another a month later, and NOW. Gee that looks like fun.

Here, the balance of my scans from last night: LYV, GSI, KEY, CEF, AZK, SWC, TIE, RRI, HIL, ANV. For our Canadian friends we have GPR.to, SGF.to, AEI.to, BAA.to, CLM.to, IMG.to, JAG.to, NDM.to, PCA.to, SVM.to, QUA.to

Of course they are the,BEST of the REST published here for your reading pleasure, after I defined how I figure which ones to publish.

My best wild scientific guess is this manic pumped rally runs a bit farther into July, even as Mr. Nasty shows the funds leaking out of the market.

Have fun, be careful, Good Luck,


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